Jamal Nxedlana (b. 1985, Durban; lives Johannesburg South Africa) is a visual artist and cultural organiser. He is in the unique position of being both a cultural producer and the founder of a number of independent organisations which support the South Africa arts community.

His photography and images are rooted in Afrosurrealism and explore themes of race, identity, popular culture and mass production.

He is the founder of Bubblegum Club, a cultural organisation and digital platform which curates and celebrates new pop culture.

He is also a founding member of the artistic collective CUSS Group. Over the last decade, this Johannesburg based collective has explored the hybrid culture of post-post-colonial South Africa.

Nxedlana’s images were recently featured in The New Black Vanguard, a book and exhibition addressing the radical transformation taking place in fashion and art today.

︎  jamal.nxedlana@gmail.com

︎ @jamalaun